Current research interests

  • (Financial) incentive schemes targeted health care providers
  • Health care providers’ motivational profiles
  • Inequality in access to health care

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Published reports

Working papers 

  • Anne Sophie Oxholm, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Sibilla Di Guida, Kim Rose Olsen: “Taking Care of High-Need Patients in Capitation-Based Payment Schemes – An Experimental Investigation (submitted)
  • Rasmus Trap Wolf, Pia Jeppesen, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Anne Sophie Oxholm: “The Potential for Early Treatment: School Performance and Health Care Utilisation of Children with Untreated Mental Health Problems” (submitted)
  • Anne Sophie Oxholm, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen,  Christian B. Jacobsen, Ulrich Jensen, Line Bjørnskov Pedersen:  “Time to revisit the agency theory and expand our thoughts on what motivates physicians? A nudge to Health Economists”
  • Anne Sophie Oxholm (2017): Physician Quality and Financial Incentives. PhD Thesis. Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark
  • Anne Sophie Oxholm (2016): Physician Response to Target-Based Performance Payment. COHERE Discussion Papers 2016:9.

On-going work (provisional titles)

  • Thomas Allen, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Søren Rud Kristensen, Anne Sophie Oxholm, Line Bjørnskov Pedersen, Mario Pezzino: “Under pressure: the hidden consequences  of resource constraints in primary care”
  • Nicolai Fink Simonsen, Anne Sophie Oxholm, Søren Rud Kristensen, Luigi Siciliani: “Inequality in Access to Health Care”
  • Sibilla Di Guida, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Anne Sophie Oxholm: “Unintended distributional consequences of paying physicians for performance”
  • James O’Halloran, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Line Bjørnskov Pedersen, Anne Sophie Oxholm: “Can we pay soon-to-retire GPs to work more? An analysis of the effect of “goodwill payments” on GP behaviour”


Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Social Science & Medicine, Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, EuHEA conference 2018


  • Project (2018): “Regulating and nudging for improved societal impact of research-based knowledge in health care  (The PINCH project)”, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, DKK 9,954,210 (Co-investigator)
  • Project (2018): “The hidden costs of resource constraints in primary care”, Læge Sofus Carl Emil Friis og Hustru Olga Dorus Friis Foundation, DKK 995,000 (Co-investigator)
  • Project (2018): “Inequality in Access to Health Care (18-B-0143)”, Helsefonden, DKK 200,000 (Principal investigator)
  • Project (2018): “General practitioners’ motivation profile and treatment behaviour (18-B-0018)”, Helsefonden, DKK 340,000 (Co-investigator)
  • Network grant: HSIF Internationalisation Application at University of Manchester (2017), GBP 14,000 (Co-investigator)
  • Travel grant (2013), Augustinus Fonden, DKK 15,000 (Principal investigator)
  • Travel grant (2013), Knud Højgaards Fond, DKK 15,000 (Principal investigator)
  • Travel grant(2013), Oticon Fonden, DKK 11,500 (Principal investigator)